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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by zonamusic, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. zonamusic

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    I currently am using a Soundcraft 2400 with a PTHD3 rig for summing and mixdown. In the back I have a Soundcraft 6000 which I was going to upgrade. Now my engineer is telling me that if I really want to attract new clientele, I should have a name brand console (Neve or SSL). I'm okay with the idea, but have somewhat of a limited budget and have to make sure that if spend some big bucks, that I can at least pay the toll. There is a Neve 8128 with automation available for 40K or so, that I am kind of interested in. However, I am told that model is not really the most desired Neve, but that it sounds good and the pres are useable. Where would a mixer like that rate in terms of what I have available, how does it sound in general, etc. The music I am interested in going after is retro, pop, 60's-70's, Classical, blues, Classic rock, etc. I'm not interested necessarily in rap, or synth based stuff. All comments welcome. I am located in Sunny Phoenix (110 currently)
  2. Cucco

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    People that want to drop $40K or more on a console know exactly what console they want and they have good reasons for it. I would say, if you're looking at dropping that kind of money on a console, go to a few studios that have consoles in that range and try them out.

    For my money, if I were to spend a chunk of that size on a console, I would consider:

    Sony DMXR100
    Millennia Console (no automation)
    Neotek Elite II

    I certainly wouldn't want to invest that kind of money into an older Neve or SSL. In the next 5 years, you'll have spent that much again in repairs.

    Cheers -

  3. AudioGaff

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    Silicon Valley
    I agree. Spend some effort to go and listen and talk to owners of the consoles you are interested in. I am also a big Neotek fan and think they offer great value for the money. But... there is no mistaking the marketing value to attract clients when you have high end gear brand names available including the SSL brand.

    Buying anything used is always a risk and you should plan to include in your budget for routine repairs and refurbishment.

    While any Neve console in good condition is going to be worthwhile for recording or mixing work, If your going to buy a Neve console, buy one that is in demand by clients as people are pretty savy in knowing which Neve consoles are worth owning and using, and those that are just buying to have something that has the Neve logo on it.
  4. zonamusic

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    Great advice. However, I am located in Sunny Phoenix. Land of consumer home studios mostly. There are a few higher end studios using Neves, SSLs and Otaris. Most are going ITB. I do have my eye on an Amek Rembrandt that's supposed to be in killer condition for 25K. Any experience or comments on that board
  5. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Silicon Valley
    No, I've never used a Rembrant. I'd suggest that before you buy it or any other console to research about parts and service availability first. FYI: AMEK is now a dead company.
  6. zonamusic

    zonamusic Guest

    A neotek sounds inviting. I'm gonna check into new and used possibilities. Anyone know where I can find a good one in the 20-35K range.
  7. Cucco

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    Fredericksburg, VA
    From Neotek...(Sytek Engineering)

    New ones cost about that much.
  8. moonbaby

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    I have owned a couple of Ameks and even when they were in business, service was an issue and parts were not always available (at least here in the States). Before that, I had Soundcrafts and had to deal with their issues. FWIW, I'd steer clear of the Brit desks from a reliability standpoint,
    at least. The Neoteks are within your budget and they have a good track record for service.
    However, if you are really determined to have a Neve, you might PM one of our esteemed moderators, RemyRAD. She mentioned to me last month that she was refurbing a couple of Neves she's had in her truck. They keep sliding around in the bed when she makes sharp turns :lol:
  9. Link555

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    I had a chance to track on a neotek once. It sold me on the desk. While I only managed to a log a few hours on it, it did seem to be pretty transparent. So if your going for noticable color, lke that of Neve it might not be the desk for you.

    But its on my shopping list. ;->
  10. bwmac

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    Neotek Elan


    but I love the Soundcraft Ghost (but Im also an amature)

  11. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    you can find old ssl's for that price range. you might have to refurbish it a lil. but will still sound like god made himself into a console.

    but neve's are good for the music ur doing. especially pop, rock etc.
  12. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

  13. bwmac

    bwmac Active Member

    Did you look at sound
    Thats as much help as I can be as I've never used a large recording console. But I can help research if you tell me more of what you want. how many channels / aux / and bus would be min
    for example, how about this
    of coarse it would be a bad buy as audiogaff said AMEK is now a dead company.

    Since you mentioned that you own two large consoles and are looking to save cose but yet upgrade. what about this SOUNDTRACS SOLITAIRE console


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