Need help lining up drum tracks

Discussion in 'Drums' started by guitarstitch, Apr 20, 2007.

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    I am changing Drum tracks using Drumagog in Cubase SX when I export the mixdown track it puts it slightly out of time is there a easier way to line the track without doing it manual because I am not very good at lining up tracks please help!!
  2. It's still a manual fix, but if for some reason the auto-align feature in your Drumagog isn't working well enough, you can use the time-align feature in Cubase rather than visually aligning tracks: it's the bar immediately over the track's ins/outs in the upper-left corner that reads "0.00" by default. Anything higher than 0.00 moves the track ahead in time and anything less, back in time.
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    Lining up Tracks

    The track lines up but not the audio wave!!
    Thanks for your interest I wish it was that easy!!
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    Try using the Fixed Latency version of Drumagog.

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    Are you exporting the mixdown and adding the mixdown tracks back in with the individual tracks? I don't understand what the mixdown is out of alignment with.

    Can you post an image of the misalignment?
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    Ummm,...Audio snap

    watch the videos


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