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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by intomuzik, May 13, 2006.

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    I have this question and i wonder if you could help me solve it.

    I'm using Soundcraft 10 to record basically 2 channels (one for vocal, one for instruments)into Adobe Audition 2.0 and Steinberg Cubase SX3 through an M-Audio Delta 410 PCI interface.

    I would wanna record those 2 signals simultaneously but separately so that i could edit the vocal the way i want. The thing is this Soundcraft 10 has only a pair of REC-OUTs and the soundcard has only a pair of INPUTs (L+R).

    Right now i am able to record those 2 channels the way i wanted by panning the vocal input source to L and the instrument input source to R or vice versa. And of course, i know all i got is MONO instead of being STEREO (but i can treat this problem with plugin effects though).

    My question is: since i don't wanna upgrade to another mixer or soundcard, is there anyway i can get 2 channels recorded simultaneously but separately without having to pan them to L or R?
    Is the MONO (after being treated as stereo) as good as the TRUE STEREO?

    I don't have a lot of knowledge about audio engineering, so please teach me more.
    Any advice or suggestion will be a great help to me.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Nov 13, 2001
    sounds to me that you already have what you want ??

    mono vocal track and mono instrument track

    unless you what somesort of MS of an acoustic guitar I don't see the problem

    90% of my recording is to mono files
    Drum O/H and stereo Synth is about all I do in two/stereo files
    and the stuff in M/S

    lets start again,
    what are you recording ?

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