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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by zydeceltico, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Hi All -

    I'm finally biting the bullet to try to get this right. I need a reference track and for some reason am coming up entirely blank.

    I wrote this song a very long time ago and was into Hornsby's Mandolin Rain and also have always been smitten with the outro of Layla - - both of which work well as inspiration for the writing of the song but are not at all what I'm looking for for a reference track in 2020 to mix too.........and it is almost impossible for me to separate myself from a decade in Hollywood in the 80s and 90s. :) Thus - - -bigness at the end. But I actually want it to sound more timely than dated. If that's at all possible.

    That said - and this may sound contradictory - but I really want the beginning of the song to be more open and "on-the-open-range" kind of thing.

    I've attached a super-duper rough mix of the basic tracks.

    I would love your ideas as to some decent reference tracks - and any other thoughts for that matter.

    FWIW - as an overall tone I was just digging Meet Virginia by Train for general dynamics and EQ but it's not right either - primarily because this song has always been acoustic guitar driven - at least the beginning - for the past - - - very long time.

    The outro clearly isn't. Totally different animal.

    The mandolin in the beginning is a brand new addition to this song which I dig - but what I really want to hear is some balance of an upfront acoustic guitar balanced with the piano in the beginning, And I like drums - punchy drums.

    You'll be able to tell that I have PLENTY of acoustic tracks to work with. I recorded so many because I was trying to make it fuller but have since learned a couple of tricks to probably subtract about 75% of the acoustic guitar tracks fwiw.

    Anyway - - thank you for listening and I truly would be really grateful for reference ideas. Not trying to show the song off - - cuz it clearly still needs some work.

    Thanks in advance,



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  2. pcrecord

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    Hi Tim !

    You should need to find a song so close to yours that you can mix them up to have a great reference..
    What is most important is that the mix is well done and the frequencies are nicely spread at mastering.
    One song that comes to mind in you kind of music is one of keith urban.. not similar to yours but the ambiance stereo spread and fullness could be inspired from..

    Listening to your recording, I'm incline to think something went wrong when exporting to mp3.. The High frequencies are squashed and almost metalic sounding..

    Try to compare it with this one :

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