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    This is probably very basic for most of you, but i need help trying to setup up my t.c. electronic finalizer. Im using 002 rack with pt8. Im mainly trying to send the main stereo output to the finalizer and bring it back in to my pt session for mastering purposes.

    Im confused with this concept though. Assuming i get it wired correctly, will i just be monitoring the signal through my master stereo channel in pt? (and if so, will what im hearing be sent to disk for my final stereo wave?) Or do i need to record the signal on a stereo channel as a wave(then bounce this stereo track to disk)?

    finalizer= 2 bal in, 2 bal out(xlrs), aes/ebu 1 in 1 out(xlr style?), sp/dif 1 in 1 out(rca).
    002 rack= outputs 3-7(bal), optical in and out, sp/dif in and out, (no xlr style outs).

    (I assume the best signal i could send from the 002 to the finalizer and back to rack would be the sp/dif channels?)

    Ive only worked with plugins on a master channel within pt so this outboard gear is a little confusing for me.

    another thing if you dont mind (sorry)... will a regular bal xlr cable carry the aes/ebu signal? do regular rca cables carry a sp/dif signal?

    (i am reading my manuals for this also, not trying to be lazy but sometimes these manuals assume things). Thanks so much for your help!
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    Yes, use standard 75 Ohm coax cables with RCA plugs to transmit the S/PDIF signals between the 002 rack and the Finalizer. Keep these as short as practicable. Send the 2-track mix from PT via the S/PDIF out on the 002 rack while receiving a new stereo track from the Finalizer via the S/PDIF inputs. Monitor only the new track pair.

    AES/EBU is not on the menu in this case, but if it were, you would use 110 Ohm screened balanced cable and not microphone cable.
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    Thanks very much! Very helpful info.

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