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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by RandomOnTheRun, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. I'm looking to set up a studio in my garage to have some local bands (as well as my own band) come by to record. I have some connections to artists that I think are really good, and I want to give them an opportunity to be heard.

    So, this is what I need help with. I have no experience recording, and I need to know what sort of equipment I should buy for what I'm interested in doing. Should I just get a multi-track digital recorder like the Akai DPS24MKII, or is there a better solution? I'm willing to pay in between three and four thousand dollars. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
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    I would go out and get one of those stand alone ones, and about 6 sm 57s and sm 58s that will give you a good start, and should be worth about that much.

    getting into comuter recordings, is a pain esspecially if you havent recorded much before
  3. Alright, thanks. So, the microphones alone will cost me about $600... what standalone should I get? Also, is there any additional equipment I'll need?
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    Apr 6, 2006
    I say get a MAC laptop, Enough mics, and a USb or Firewire Alesis or Mackie mixer and youll be good. lmk if u want more detail
  5. Yeah, there are a few details I'd like to know. I actually want an exact recommendation on what I should get. For example, exactly how many mics and which ones, what mixer I should get, maybe some ideas on what monitors I should be looking into, and could you perhaps tell me why I should go for the MAC over the PC, and which MAC would be ideal for what I'm looking to do. Again, all within the 3-4k price range.

    I really am completely new to this, but I'm reading as much as I can, and I'll hopefully hit up a local Hi-Fi shop for some more info and to test out some monitors.

    Oh, also, do you have any recommendations on literature for basic recording techniques? I want to record digitally, but a book that can help me with EQ settings, mic placement, panning, etc. would be awesome.

    Edit: One more thing - what's the benefit of the MAC + mixer set up, as opposed to something standalone like the aforementioned Akai DPS24MKII?
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    Books to read

    Of course, the best way to learn is to do it, but here are some books that may get you on your way a little quicker. I will list them in the order I feel they are most important, especially for the home recording engineer on a budget.

    1. Guerrilla Recording Techniques: How To Get Great Sound From Any Studio (no matter how weird or cheap your gear is) by Karl Coryat
    2. Recording Tips for Engineers: For Cleaner, Brighter Tracks by Tim Crich
    3. The Recording Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski
    4. The Mixing Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski

    If you are still confused, or just a real beginner, The Billboard Illustrated Home Recording Handbook may help or make one of those "idiot's guide to home recording" books.

    Happy reading

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