need HELP with MBOX and Protools

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by foxmockingbird, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. I have never been more frusterated.

    I can't get any volume from my mics. I've tried 2 mics (one condenser ksm27/one non sm57), used a preamp/not used a preamp, checked all levels, made sure that everything obvious has been tried....I've tried different cables, different configurations, and I just can't get more than 1/10th of a signal into my mbox (running protools 6.4 on OSX).

    ALSO, I can hear "computer sound" through the headphones when they're plugged into the mbox. This has to be some indication that something's wrong. (i.e. I put a CD in the drive and I hear distinctly through the headphones when it starts "whirring".) even with the little sound I was getting (the green bar popping up) when I tried to record, I got absolutely no signal/volume for playback.

    When I check my "sound" control panel under system prefs. I can see the volume being picked up by the preamp, but when I run a 1/4inch from the preamp to either of the imputs on my MBOX I'm getting Nothing, nada, zip.

    Just to doublecheck, the mbox only has one USB cable that connects to the compter FOR POWER AND TO COMMUNICATE WITH PROTOOLS, right?
    AND I should be able to plug in a non-phantom mic (sm57), into input 1 (xlr-xlr) turn the input 1 to "mic", turn up the gain, and we should be rockin' right?!

    PLEASE, O' recording experts, lend me some knowledge.

    Could I have a faulty sound card, or mbox?

    THanks so much in advance,
  2. Shinyville

    Shinyville Guest

    Ah, I may know your problem now because you mentioned "faulty sound card." Where are your speakers connected? Your headphones or monitors need to be connected to the back of the mbox, NOT anywhere on your computer. The mbox will act as the soundcard on your computer, and the digicore driver will take over all of the audio functions on your mac--that is, you'll also have to listen to stuff in quicktime, itunes, etc, through the mbox. Is the digicore sound driver installed?

    Hopefully that's it, though I did just notice you said your headphones are connected to the mbox. But check your sound prefs on the computer again...I'm not at my workstation, but the sound should be coming through something like "digi core" or something, rather than your onboard-computer soundcard.
  3. Shinyville

    Shinyville Guest

    ...also, if that's not it, one more question. What version of OSX are you running, and what version of Quicktime do you have on your computer?

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