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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by nippdog, Feb 11, 2005.

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    My nuendo 9652 sound card only has digital outs for monitoring. Can run my Nuendo card through my old gina card breakout box to convert my signal to analog so I can monitor in in analog form.
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    Go to "devices">vst connections. This is where you set up your inputs and outputs. Add a new bus, click on the new bus which gives you a drop down menu list of whatever outputs are available to you.

    Good luck

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    Jun 1, 2003
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    Hey there, Nippdog.

    I'm not familiar with the Gina. (Don't you just love when replies start off like this? :roll: ). But if, and only if the Gina's Breakout Box will work as a "standalone D/A" (meaning it can function without a "host" controller - ala the PC), then you could use it as your analog monitoring converter.

    You will need SOMETHING in the form of a SPDIF (Coax or Optical) or ADAT D/A converter to use your Nuendo PCI card for monitoring. Even an effects unit with a digital input can work in a pinch (with ALL effects bypassed - of course).

    I'm sure you know, but you can configure your ADAT 1 output to function as a standard SPDIF Toslink for 2-channel operation (in addition to the SPDIF Coax RCA connections on the break-out cable). I have the RME 96/36 "Lite" (RME makes the Nuendo hardware), and so far, I love it. I do wish I had the Total Mix DSP of the "HDSP" series cards :( ...

    I know some people dislike RME, but their PC interfaces and standalone hardware conversion have been killer from my experience (from the ADI-8 Pro's killer conversion, to the PCI card drivers - they ALL seem stellar to me).

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