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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by redghost, Jan 6, 2007.

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    Hey Everyone.

    I'm 18 and I've been writing and recording stuff on my own for a bit, but I haven't been doing it right, which is why I am here. I write and sing songs on my acoustic guitar, and I would like to record them properly and make them sound as good as it can get to a real studio recording.

    Currently for recording, I have a Samson USB studio condenser mic, my computer, a pop screen, and adobe audition 2.0.

    My question is, Keeping in mind I'm just acoustic and vocal, what do else do I need?

    Someone advised me to get a compressor before I start tracking. If I get a compressor would I need to get a new mic? Since my condenser mic uses a USB to connect.

    Also, how does a compressor set up work? Do I connect my mic to it, and it connects to my computer?

    I know adobe audition has a software compressor under the tools but I think it only be used after recorded which isn't what I want right?

    I heard that there's compressors that are software based that works while you're going in, and not like the adobe where it goes after. Is that true? Also I could be wrong and be using adobe wrong, if there is a way to set the compressor to work while you record, please someone teach me.

    So please, anyone please show me the way and teach me, I am a rookie I know =(

    Also for any purchase of equipment I wouldn't mind keeping the prices as low as possible, or finding the cheapest resource as possible because I'm a university student and I don't necessarily have that much cash on me :p

    Thank you
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    Nov 13, 2001

    I don't think you need to look to an external compressor at this stage
    or considerring your present set up and skills

    yes all plug-ins (software compressor) are after the analog signla has been digitised(recorded)
    some are available in real time so it can seem as if they are before recording but this is not so

    the digitising is done first
    this is why an external comp can be a good thing
    as I said at your level and skills base it will only complicate

    There are a number of very good DAW software packages and some have a very good basic Plug and Soft Synth pack.

    If you search here you will find which one I use and I've used it since it's begining.

    There will be many opinions of what you should or shouldn't use.

    The one thing to know is that any of those simple bundles that may include an interface(with Mic-pre) and the addition of a couple of Mics is very capable of making you sound like the stuff you hear on the radio.

    The truth is that it ia actually quite hard to do that well.

    but don't let that stop you

    search and read these RO pages and decide on a software / interface combo and then start learning.
    you can find a mentor local to you
    and they are willing to help
    ... take their offer

    any of the Mods here will be available on PMs or Email if you feel uneasy with detailed questions.
    However we do prefer to keep this in the forum as many many other have the same question as you do and will do

    search and read ... I think it's all here already
  3. I would suggest the BBE Maxcom Compressor. It can be had for about $120 dollars on Ebay, and comes with 2 channels with compression, noise gates, and a "Sonic Maximizer" which is basically an intelligent EQ that makes amplified signals clearer. It has inserts on both channels that let you use it as a de-esser.

    It's not a bad choice, and I use it in my home studio to help keep my guitars tamed a bit. I don't use much compression except maybe on bass, never really more than 3:1, because I think it makes it sound "squashed". On acoustic guitars, I rarely go above 1.5:1 Dynamics are pretty important, and I don't like getting squashed too much.

    Depending on your vocal style, it might be a big help to have one in your chain, especially if you go from a normal speaking voice to an all out belt. it will stop you from overloading the chain. still, I'm not big on overusing compression, because it can definately make your music sound .

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