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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by JRG, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. JRG

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    I have just connected an Audio Buddy pre-amp to the line-in of my Creative Audigy 2 sound card in order to record from a dynamic mic and guitar. I hear a great sound from my speakers simultaneous with my recording (Is this always-on monitoring normal?), but the recording level into Sonar 4 is extemely low, and it sounds like there is some kind of line noise (similar to an impedance mismatch). When I use a USB connected desk mic for other purposes, such as VOIP and recording in other applications, it works fine. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks much.
  2. moonz

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    Do you have your mic setting in front of the speakers you are monitoring with while you are recording?

  3. JRG

    JRG Guest

    Actually, I wasn't having a feedback problem, just no sound being recorded. I found that, since I had my pre-amp going into the auxiliary input, I didn't have the auxiliary input volume up high enough. Thanks.
  4. moonz

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    I wasn't really thinking in terms of feedback...I was thinking that maybe you were picking up a bit of the monitors in the mic, and this was maybe where your noise was comng from.

    Of course setting a mic in front of monitor speakers is definately asking for feedback...anyway....glad to hear you got it sorted


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