Need help with SampleTank 2XL !!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by CountrySinger, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. I am new to this forum so I will start with a quick Hello!!

    I was told that I would be able to run midi drums tracks through this program and record it as real audio. So far this has been impossible for me to accomplish. I am trying to take a good old midi song file that you would find on the net and process it through sampletank and record the parts that I want into audio so I can practice songs and stuff. Has anyone been able to do this??

    I can make it work but the problem is that the drums come out as bells and crap, or the odd drum beat, or a beat with no hats or cymbals. I just downloade a trial of drumsite and the drums work great, but I want to use the program that I paid so much money for..... Please help !!!
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    your problem sounds like midi mapping... try this...

    open up your drum loops in an event list and make sure the keys they are triggering are assigned to the appropriate keys in sample tank that trigger the correct sounds ie

    c = kick drum
    d= stick

    etc etc etc

    this should solve your problem, and depending on the host app you use, you should be able to create drum maps so that if you download a midi standard file you will be able to choose a drum map you created that will automatically route the keys to the keys within your sampletank that you want to use...
  3. I am using Protools 5.3.1 I am trying to find the event list but I am not winning. Can you give me any further help??

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