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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by -Jay1-, Sep 6, 2008.

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    I'ma hip hop artist aka a rapper, i've been recording for approximately a year and i recently just upgraded my setup that i use for recording from basically nothing. I'm currently using an EMU 0404 USB preamp (200$) and a Audio Technica AT3035 condenser mic (250$) but it seems like i'm not getting all of the quality i should. Before i aquired these i was using a basic 60$ nexxtec dynamic mic and it seems like my quality hasnt changed much. I record in my room which is a decent size, but not too big, i have a mic stand and pop screen and i also use certain effects such as dynamics processing, graphic equalizer and sometimes reverb on my vocals. I use cool edit pro 2.0 for recording. Is there anything that could be preventing me from getting what i should get as far as my vocals go? If u want to check out what they sound like u can visit Every track is recorded with my new setup except The Past is the past and My Jeans.
    Thanks in advance..
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    "Is there anything that could be preventing me from getting what i should get as far as my vocals go?"


    Also I noticed if you say your name with a hard G and a Spanish J it's a laugh. :p

    I listened to the tracks, the top one sounds cheap and nasty but that Damn bitch track sounds really pro.

    Anyways, what did you want to ask about?
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    well it just seems like i'm not getting the quality i should. or this the quality i should be expecting?
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    Sounds about right to me.
    The room sounds pretty bad, like no richness at all.

    The beats sound nice and all.

    You sound kinda inexperienced with mic technique, like plosives and harsh bits. You just need practice is all.

    Keep trying things over and over. Also, ask more direct questions... I have nfi what you're doing when you record... How can I comment?

    Also, practice your singing, hit the hard syllables ON the beat EVERY time. When you do, that's rapping.

    Can you critique my latest post in the Mix and critique forum? Cheers.

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    okay tyvm. and yeah i will.

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