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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tuxedoma, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Hi there! i'm pretty new to all of this and i must say i invested quite a nice amount of cash in equipment/software and things...

    I use my computer to record my girlfriend wich is a pretty dynamic singer (Celine dion/Barbra streisand) type of voice...really powerfull when she hits high notes....

    My equipment presently :

    Motu 828 mk2
    Rode k2
    Cubase sx3
    Waves platinum bundle on with the questions!

    When i record her i plug the k2 in the 828 mic input and set the gain to get good sounding average...

    the problem is that it clip pretty bad when she hits hard then i was told that in cubase sx 0db = -6db.... so itryed to set the gain so that the peaks are around -6dbs....problem is then that all the rest of the song sound much to lower....around -24db or so....

    when i set a Waves L2 maximizer on the take it does indeed sound good and bring back some of it...i mean its much more tempered....but i get a kind of sqashed impressed like the track would be too much compressed...

    I was told that Pluggins Limiter/Compressor were not of big help for me since its not good to use at the recording stage...Is this true?

    or can i just use plug-insand i can make it sound fine?

    if no ,Then should i buy a compressor and use it as an insert before tracking?

    i was offered a drawmer 441dl compressor for a nice price...would that be a good buy for this use? (Vocals)

    Or maybe am i all mistaken? is -20db a good level to record at(average singing) and then the peaks at around -6db ?

    Anyhow any input on the subject is i said im new to this and try to get as much as i can from my gear without buying new thing right away....i listen a lot and try my best...but i cant put my finger of what im, if you guys can help....well ill appreciate it a lot!
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    Nov 13, 2001
    welcome to recording
    dynamic range

    you can find many posts from me and others on this subject

    without getting into lots of detail this is a fine strategy and so close to correct it doesn't matter

    In digital 0dBFS (full scale) is as loud as it gets so if you are under that at peaks then you are doing fine.

    A compressor can help get the RMS up BUT just don't worry about that now.

    Keep practicing and keep singing

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