Need help with vocals!!

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by ty-stackz, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. ty-stackz

    ty-stackz Guest

    hey i was just woundering if some one could tell me how to level out the volume of my vocals in cool edit 2.0 and have them the same volume threw out the whole song..holla at me..peace
  2. mercurix

    mercurix Active Member

    Feb 21, 2006

    Hey, I've never used cool edit but you could use compression or just write in volume automation for the track if cool edit allows that.
  3. A compressor is definately in order here. I don't know what comp plugs are compatible with your DAW, but just google it up and try out anything you can get your hands on.

    Compressors are your friend...

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