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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Bedroom_Studio, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, new to here and to recording. Got a modest setup and would appreciate
    peoples advice on what it is lacking and how to get the best out of what I have. I also need help with software and VST's. I have zilch and am open to peoples opinions on whats best. Thanks in advance

    7 string bc rich custom shop bich
    6 string bc rich custom shop warlock
    6 string custom Midi bich GK2A/GR30
    6 string custom (luthier built) iceman
    6 string custom (luthier built) jem
    6 string custom (luthier built) mockingbird
    DS 1
    line 6 pod
    korg ampworks
    tube works blue tube 2 dual preamp
    custom tube dual preamp
    boss de 200
    ashton 8 channel mixer
    edirol ua 25 soundcard
    event alp5 monitors
    64 bit amd
    yamaha an1x
    korg esx 1
  2. Advice?

    So it looks like I have scored an alesis micro EQ and a boss RRV 10 for $170aud, my questions are

    Where do I place these in order with my DS 1?
    I hear putting reverb before distortion is paramount. if so why?
    do I place the ampworks after the tube preamp, if not where in the chain does it belong?
    I have 1 pair of monitors presently, is it advantagous to have two sets, or is that a waste of time?
    my UA 25 seems to be picking up interference from the computer but only on the left channel, why? and how do I rectify this annoying mozzie?

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