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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by sharmon, Apr 15, 2004.

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    Hi, i recently did a mix and "master" for a band i recorded. I'm finding the lows to be boomy especially on the kick drum and bass guitar, this might have as simple a solution as turning down the bass freqs, but i'm not quite able to do this without losing all the bass freqs entirely. I know mastering is a totally different thing to mixing, i would love to do a mixdown and give it to someone to master, but unfortunately where i am, India, there just are no mastering engineers. The "mastering" i have done was basically splitting the mix into 4 freq ranges, limiting, and then maximising the overall mix. Managed to get quite a good level and am not totally displeased with what i have done with my limited knowledge.... Anyway, back to the point, i would really like someone to hear what i have done and if possible guide me in terms of what freqs could be boosted or cut. A link to the song follows:SONG

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    Do you have a way I can mail it back to you? I did something to it, would not mind explaining...if that is cool.


    It is very compressed dynamically. Using a multiband expander, the dynamics needed bringing up. The cut between 140 and 360hz was about 4dB and I used some dynamic expansion there. The bottom below 70 got raised about 2dB with a Q of 0.45 The frequencies between 360 and 2300 were raised about 1.5dB and so was the 2300 to 22K about 1.5dB Some expansion dynamically was used on the top band.

    It did not need to be that compressed, it punches and breathes now. The "boomyness" was the rhy. guitar mostly and the kick had no air around it.

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