Need multiple overlays of audio synced with video

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by OrchestratingObjects, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I am attempting to do music covers of some of my favorite songs. Im using multiple instruments, like piano and guitar all on my own. Im recording each instrument one at a time and i need help syncing it correctly with video and the other recordings of music. Any software suggestions, or advice?
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    Sony Vegas. It has audio recording built in. You need to make sure your audio is set up to sync with your video frame rate. 30FPS in North America. Sample rate is 48kHz.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    It depends. Are you doing the audio first and overlaying video? Or is the video primary? It's certainly possible. Just bear in mind that all devices vary slightly in their clocks (sync) relative to even devices of the same make, model, type. If you record at a higher than needed sampling rate, you can resample to your destination with adjustments to clocks and the like.

    As long as the video and audio are relatively un-attached, you can just swap as need as long as durations match, or are compensated for. Most of which depends on how you intend to edit your result. I tend to take the OSS long route and get a bit bogged down in the math in the process. But it frees me up to overlay povray imagery and other fancy, or funky edits. As long as I have a clear vision of the result before investing all that time. And it's a lot of time. Until I do significant upgrades anyway. With enough time though, anything is possible via synthesis for audio or video. In the real world, you have to start making money at some point. So perfection is more of a theory than a practical application towards those ends.

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