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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by proaudio101, Feb 13, 2001.

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    I have a screamin' PC with NT on it right now. (933 PIII coppermine w/512 mhz SDRAM SCSI RAID O) I want to buy protools but want to use it with this computer. My main concern is tranferability between my computer (.WAV file) and a MAC at another studio (SDII files). Other than the obvious ethernet, is protools able to read and convert files from one computer to the other and vice versa? :confused: :confused:
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    hi, pretty sure you can import wave files. I know you can save them in PT on the bounce.

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    Oct 12, 2000
    Hi Proaudio,

    I'm not sure I quite understand. If you record on your PC NT with PTools, the audio files created will be in SDII format. Simply email them to the studio with the MAC.

    I'm a bit confused, because if you use PTools on your PC why do you need to convert a .WAV to an SDII format?

    Greg :confused:
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    Hi Greg,

    Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that all PC (at least Nt, Win2K & 98) DAW platforms use WAV files. I thought that only Mac OS/PT used SDII files. If I am wrong and ALL PT, not matter NT or MacOS use SDII, then that would be great because there would be no compatability issues at all and I can put the software and cards in my computer and be on my merry way. Anybody in the know?
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    Sure you can get either computer to talk to each other via simple translators, WAV-AIFF and visa versa.....and also it's possible to convert after a bounce in ProTools. (That's from my experience using mac). However to simply open a PC session on a mac requires that you save the session as a mac file, burn it on CD and open it on the mac - VERY FIDDLY and not 100%.

    Version 5.1 will be introducing a whole lot of new Cross Platform features.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Proaudio,

    << Maybe I am wrong, but I thought that all PC (at least Nt, Win2K & 98) DAW platforms use WAV files. >>

    Nope. WAV files are the consumer standard on PCs with standard OEM sound cards. However if you are going to use PTools it will create SDII files for play back through it's own hardware.

    SDII is not platform specific but is the format introduced in Sound Designer and used by PTools, regardless of platform.

    If you can crush your files on to a zip drive, that's obviously easier than burning a CD. Better still email 'em.



    The new ver. (5.1) will force dual platform compatibility on PT LE. On the regular TDM I really can't say....WAR
  8. In my experience, it is always better to burn a CD of all of your session files onto a CD for transfer. This assures that all the data is written in a continuous stream, thereby eliminating the possibility of fragmentation. If you send it over the Internet, the files will be moved in packets instead of whole files. If you compress the files in order to fit them onto a Zip disk, you run the risk of losing data during compression and unstuffing.

    However, if you are going to be going from a PC to a Mac, the best way is to get an external drive (check with the studio and see what type of drive you need as far as connections go. I have had huge problems with people trying to save a buck and getting a drive that ended up having the wrong SCSI connector on it) big enough to hold your project, Mac format it, and copy your sessions to it. Then all you have to do is walk into the studio, plug in your drive and go. This information about how exactly to do session transfers between platforms is on Digi's site under "Support".

    BTW, I just checked Digi's site about the PC audio format question, and versions of PTPC under 5.1 do NOT create SDII files! PTPC 5.01 and under support .wav or .aiff files only. So, if you want to use them on a Mac, the files will have to be .aiff or else you will have to convert the .wav files at the studio before importing them. Or, you can get the 5.1 update. This information, and exactly how to do session transfers between platforms is on their site under "Support".

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    Also keep in mind that .wavs and aiffs are not time-stamped....

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    Broadcast Wave files are time-stamped. Same extension, slightly different file type.

    This probably doesn't need to be said but if you're burning a data CD on a PC to be used on a Mac, make sure your CD burner is set to ISO, not Joliet.
  11. Sean Halley

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    Yup. Usually though, when people mention .wav and aiff in the same sentence, they're talking about non-stamped files. Obviously, them SDIIs and them BWaves have them thar' stamps :)

    Man, it looks a bit windy out there in SM's it on the coast?

  12. Just another word on this... AFAIK, PT is not supposed to run on an AMD chipset. I only know of one guy who has been able to make this happen, through much fiddling. Just thought I would let you know.

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