Need Recommendation: Replacement For Tango 24 (8x8 A/D D/A converter)

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    Crappity crap, crap crap....

    For the last time, my Frontier Tango 24 has over-heated. I can't complain--it's worked fine as a front end for my RME card for 10 years. But as the years have gone by it's now happening every few months.

    So... to refresh, it's 24 bit/48khz. 8 in A/D and 8 out D/A. Selectable +10/-4 on each channel. Word clock sync. That's about it.

    I don't need pre-amps (in fact, I just need line-ins for my better pres). 96k is optional.

    All I need is something I can leave on for days at a time without overheating that has fairly decent A/D conversion.

    (BTW: to give an idea of my expectations, to get by now I'm using an RME Babyface and it's audio quality is -fine- for what I need. But it's not a long-term solution due to it's lack of in/out patching)

    I cannot complain about the Tango. I think I paid $800 for it. It was quiet, clean and reliable, but their tech tells me the ICs they used are now even better on pretty much even the lowest end units.

    Suggestions for, perhaps $500?



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