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  1. A friend of mine wants to record audio tracks for cartoons. All he is concerned about is getting decent vocal recordings. He currently has an AT2020 mic and needs an interface. Budget is $100-150, maybe a bit more. If someone could at least point us in the right direction on what to start looking at, that would be great.
    Current interfaces that we are considering are e-mu 0202 USB, Mackie Onyx Satellite (probably more features than we need), M-Audio Fast Track USB, and Alesis IO2 USB.
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    You've already answered your own question.

    Might I also suggest a secondary dynamic microphone such as a SM58 which it is a vastly different sound to his existing condenser microphone. You'll want some textural differences that don't just come from software alone.

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    It's been stated a few times on this forum that most of the 2channel interfaces in this price range are pretty much the same.

    All you need to do is find one which works and has the features you want - although I personally don't have any experience with them so can't tell you what is prone to breaking.
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