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Need some advice on drum samples

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by ORL, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. ORL

    ORL Active Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    Hey. I've recently been getting more and more into electronic music (electronica?) and I want to take a shot and blending it together with the traditional style of music I usually do (rock/alternative/acoustic). To be honest I'm really not sure what I'm looking for exactly, but if anyone can sort of point me in the right direction I would appreciate it greatly.

    I'm going for a certain kind of sound and I'm not sure what kind of drum samples I should use or if I should try to use electronic drums. I want the drums to sound like their obviously sampled, looped, or electronic but not so much so that they completely sound like crap. I don't want extreme clarity, just acceptable clarity. They could even sound a little "scratchy." I've looked all over the internet in search of the right samples, but I haven't been able to find exactly what I want. It would be nice if I could find free ones, but I would probably be willing to spend a little bit if I could find the perfect ones.

    Here is are links to different songs that I've made myself in the past. I want to more or less blend them together (not these songs specifically, but blend their style). Sorry, I'm not trying to shamelessly promote myself here.

    No Need For a Song | ORL This song was recorded with actual instruments and my voice.

    Blood | ORL This one was completely done in Reason 5, all electronically.

    Anyhow | Josiah McDaniel Finally, this one is just acoustic guitar and voice.

    I used Reason's Kong drum designer to get the drum sound in "Blood", but it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I had to settle with the best thing I could find. That sound, however, is sort of what I'm looking for. I'm not sure is samples or loops would be better so any insight would be very helpful to me.

    Thanks in advance
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    Download FL demo and check them out. They have wicked kick and snares in there. I'm looking for a new library as well. I have a Nord Lead the is pretty cool for Electronica and trance to name a few. Maybe they have a library available that you can demo.
  3. Toothgrinder

    Toothgrinder Active Member

    May 5, 2012
    Oklahoma City, OK
    I use EZDrummer, but they are pretty realistic as drum samples go.

    There are a ton of expansions, though, so maybe there's one that would suit your needs? I know they have an industrial one with, like, tin cans and such. Not really my thing, but I've played with it.
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