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  1. Rusven

    Rusven Guest having a practise mixing here.. I recorded a local rock band (they sounded like alterbridge/creed).


    KICK - center
    SNARE - center
    HATS - center
    TOM1 - 30% R
    TOM2 - 30% L
    FLTOM- 50% L
    OHEAD L - 100% L
    OHEAD R - 100% R

    is this ok? or not?

    can you give me some advice/ comments and can you suggest me the appropriate panning? I really dont have any idea or the right one...

  2. rockstardave

    rockstardave Active Member

    Mar 3, 2006
    how does it sound to you? if you are happy with it, and think other people will not hate it, then it's good.

    that said, i rarely pan OHs hard. otherwise it looks about good. maybe move t2 closer to center, and t3 closer to match t1.

    again though it's up to your ears. if it doesnt sound weird or wildly unconventional, then it's probably pretty close, at least for just starting out.

    good luck!
  3. Rusven

    Rusven Guest

    thanks rockstardave...
    so it will look like this

    tom1 - 30%R
    tom2 - 20%L
    tom3 - 30%L
    ohl - 80%l
    ohr - 80%r

    i'll check and listen to it..
  4. There are lots of guys out there that will only hard pan left, right, or center.

    If it was one of those folks mixing it would look like this (if mixed from drummers perspective):

    Kick - center
    Snare - center
    Tom1 - left
    Tom2 - center
    Tom3 - right
    OHL- left
    OHR - right
    Hats - left or right depending on the drummer (lefty or righty)
    Ride - left or right depending on the drummer (lefty or righty)
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