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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by inthestudio, Feb 15, 2005.

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    Let me start with my setup im tryin to use

    I have PT LE with a digi 002 G4 & also Sonar 4 on a 2400 amd XP with a MOTU 2408 .

    I am tryin to record from ADATs if i use Sonar i get the clicks & pops no matter how i set the clock source & then sometimes it works great.

    With PT i am using ADAT optical & 8 analog with DIGI 002 clock set to ADAT sync .

    The ADATs r 48khz but if i set PT to 44.1 it works great but if i mix down or export a file it is to slow. If i set it to 48 it gets the clicks & pops.

    Now here is where I get really confused if i record out of the ADATs analog no optical or adat sync Jus 8 trs out of the ADATs to the DIGI 002 & 8 trs out of the DIGI 002 back to the ADATS. I get the same results..DIGI 002 set to internal 48 still has the clicks.

    So is there some kind of timecode coming from the adats analog outs. All channels have audio on them.

    I could really use some help or at least some more ideas to try.

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