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    Hello everyone I'm 20 years old just starting out and looking to build a home studio but don't know where to start and what equipment I should buy. I already have a mac book pro and I'm about to buy protools for it. I have about a $3500 - $4000 budget to work with to buy equipment and build the studio and I have a few questions about what to do.

    1. I have a room picked out in my house to build the studio in and i was wondering if it was a good room to build it in. I don't know the exact dimensions of the room but if I had to guess I would say it's about 20' x 10' and it's a rectangular room. I was wondering if anyone had any plans for a room like this or any ideas on how I should build it and how much you think it might cost me.

    2. I need some input on what equipment to buy. Like what I'm going to need to get and what brands are worth the money to buy. I want stuff which I'll be able to record drums and guitars and vocals and stuff like that with.

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    Write yourself a business plan. List some things in a bit of detail like:
    -what types of music you wish to record
    -will you be recording/running live sound as well as studio
    -evaluate your room realistically as a studio and not as a room you happen to already have. Purchase or go to the library and get Rod Gervais' book and write yourself a whole subplan for your studio space.
    -purchase the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook.
    -don't buy bottom end gear even if you have to delay a purchase to afford decent middle area gear.
    -have patience, be willing to research, be willing to apply elbow grease in all areas and have a Seabee's Can Do attitude.

    After you have done some of the steps above then it is time for specific gear recommendations. Basically it will help us to help you.
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    I wish that someone had said that to me when I first had a thought to start down this road.... well said, Jack!

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