Need Suggestion: Audio Midi Sequencer Software for free.

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by RTD, May 3, 2005.

  1. RTD

    RTD Guest

    Hello all,

    Just need some suggestions on Audio Midi Sequencer freeware. Sure not big apps like Cubase or ProTools, but...
    Plz no trial versions or Demos. I need it for educational work at a school, wich has no budget now.

    Thx for any help.

    Best :)
  2. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Only one comes to mind: Kristal
    Doesn't handle midi tho I think.

    But look here:

    There is a program called Quartz Audio Master that might suit your needs.
  3. tundrkys

    tundrkys Guest

    Ntrack studio, free, but you'll here a buzz every now and then. It's not supposed to happen while you are recording.
    Go to digital soundplanet, I think they have a free app.

    Or just pick up Magix Music Studio. You get go to, and get it for like $79. Or you can find it at Best BUy for $49 in a box, or you can sometimes find the previous version on the bargain rack for like $10.

    Very good program, very stable, worth $500 easy.

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