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    Hi, the meter bridge of my soundcraft 2400 doesnt work in the right way, since a few days. They all flash in a strange way, like starting from the middle, and going down. These four "8-LED-bars" of each meter look like if they get too less current or something, cause only one of the four led-bars of each meter flashes in normal strength, and wich one of the four depends on the signal, where it has its maximum. Is the level up to -3 dB, only the third bar (from botton) shines bright, the others are much more darker.
    This is on ALL meters, also the L/R meters. It makes no difference if I'm in spectrum-, groups- or slate-mode.
    Then sometimes the meters switch completly of, or only glow very
    low. But if they work, there is only ONE led-bar which shines bright, all others glow lower.
    What could be the reason of this?
    Is it possible that these Brown ICs I used in some of the channels are responsible for that, cause if they use more current, than the meters dont get enough? But the power supply is stable.
    Actually the meters worked very well, after I changed these op amps,
    a few weeks ago.
    The problem causes, since I had a huge rock production on
    the desk, with lots of high levels and some overload on the meters.
    But this shouldnt be a problem for meters, to display overload?!
    Please give some ideas. Or could it be one of the 4016?
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    Jun 15, 2005
    is it the burr brown chips you changed?
    do you think the upgrade was worth it
    i've got a ghost and was looking into this upgrade also
    but your proposal to the problem seems likely....


    Well I changed some of the Channel- TL 072 and put some OPA 227 and OPA 234 instead, and also tried RC4560, and in the master I have a 4228 instead of the TL 074, and OPA 234 instead of the NE5532 (IC 1, 2)
    I think the RC4560 instead of TL072 is it worth, I reallized that it sounds more clear and punchy in the bottom area.
    The changes in the master section seems like having a little "limiting effect" which I quite like.

    So do you think the problem disappear when I would redo these changes and stack the old ICs back?


    Hi again, no its not the Brown ICs in the master.
    But the OPA 2134 works very well instead of the NE5532.


    Thanks everybody for you help, solved the problem. It was just a screw on a component in the power supply!
    Thank you! Feel free to email me for any purpose.

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