Neotek Elite or DDA Dmr 12

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    Well after much research and seeing what's out there in the used console market according to our budget, we have decided to build another small studio and to purchase a new (used) board for our 'A' room. Unfortunately, we can't afford an SSL or API so our choices are between a Neotek Elite 40 input, seemingly in good condition with all upgrades offered by Neotek or a DMR 12, which would be delivered totally gone through and recapped and warrantied for one year by a very reliable DDA experienced tech. The DMR 12 would also be 'modded' in the master section and at least 8 of the inputs. My initial vibe is that the Elite is higher quality--however, it is over 20 years old and not been recapped. With the potential mods and the reconditioning of the DMR 12 leads me to the quandary of picking between the two. The prices are almost the same for the two. All feedback and comments welcome
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    That is kind of a tough choice. I've used the DDA before and almost bought one. At this point in time I would be concerned with parts and repair. One year is warranty for a used consloe is a good deal, but you have to thik longer term.

    I did end buying a Neotek and loved it dearly for 10+ years while I had my public commercial studio. I would agree that the Neotek has the edge in quality of sound and eq. As far as I know, you can still get Elite parts and service so that is something to also consider.
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    Go with the Neotek and you will not be disappointed. We have owned four different Neoteks and find them to be a superior board and easy (for the most part) to replair and replace componets are available. Also the EQs are the most "musicial" you will find on any board IMHO.

    You might want to post some questions at: which is the Neotek forum and lots of great people can give you lots of good advice.

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