Neuman M142, Millenia 2 channel pre user report

Discussion in 'Vocalists' started by TeddyG, May 28, 2005.

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    Jan 20, 2005
    Just wanted to say that I had a chance to do VO on this combo this past week. Monitored through some well-used AKG 280's(I believe 280's? They were 600 ohm... Gotta' take my own phones - maybe a new pair of those fold-up, US made jobbers? What are they called..? Something "...ones"?).

    Anyway, while I had to concentrate on what I was doing, I would still say I heard no instant "magic", using this rather pricey combination - no instant "Listen to that tube-sound!", no "wow factor", as it were.

    Whille I often notice, right away, "things" I don't like, the only thing I noticed about this pairing was that all I heard was "me". Frankly, hearing just "me", with no, extra, comforting "added" bass, or sharpness, clarity, "air", whatever, is discouraging... My little voice needs all the help it can get. Of course that means I also didn't hear anything, at all, "bad". No hollowness, no lack of anything(Except my own talent.)...

    Best I could say is that, once I got started on the VO, I never "heard" the gear! That's pretty rare, in my experience. If given the chance, I would gladly do more testing with both pieces and will at least do more dreaming that I could actually afford this pair. I DO like pieces that seem to capture everything, while adding or subtracting nothing... If I get another chance, I'll try to listen more...

    A look at the Millennia web site, and finding their version of the "tube channel strip"(Something a VO person can actually make use of, as we can pre-determine just a few "set-up's", for our different styles and just dial-them-in, as needed.), certainly did make me slobber on my keyboard a bit...


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