neumann u47/valve mics question

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by whoriental, Apr 13, 2006.

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    I am currently looking for a really nice mic to invest in. I would like to keep the price low but for nice I know that really isn't a option. I used a mic at a friends studio a while back for synths and vocals called the Neumann u47. It was made somewhere around the 50's. I am trying to find something of similar variety. Does anyone happen to know anything about Rode mics? I have been looking at them and they definitely seem to be pretty nice. I also would like to know what exactly is a Valve mic.

    I have also been looking at the Soundelux u195 ( i think that is the model) has anyone heard about that company? Please let me know.
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    Its nice to be all fresh and excited by the shiny things this business has to offer. Its also a MUST that one learns about these shiny things and what they can or cant do for someone. A U47 is definately shiny. And a really good one with no issues, original vf14 tube and a great power supply will cost you a bit more than 10K. The rebuilts can be more or less depending on the rebuilder.

    A Soundelux U195 is a very very good mic and to appreciate its true nature, I suggest you study more and stop staring at all the shiny things until you understand their function and least to some degree....
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    well spoken, Dave. There are so many things wrong with that first paragraph, I just wouldn't knowwhere to start.

    To paraprhase a Monty Python sketch: "This is the PRO AUDIO forum, is it not?" :cool:
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    I am just not sure, I am just trying to have some really nice mics to record with.

    Basically, I just want something that will sound nice when I record vox and synth. I assume I wouldn't need two different mic for that but I know I will need more than just one. I got some of the idea for those mic just from other albums that I like the sound of the recording.

    I still would like to know what a valve mic is and how it works. Also is there any where that I can read more about tube so I can figure out what to look for.

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    just curious ... what are you going to plug this mic into?
  6. twon

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    what are you recording to? also what else is in your signal chain? the mic isnt the only thing that influences the sound of your recording. placement, what preamp you use, any compression or eq you use will all affect how the recording turns out.

    im also interested in why you plan to use a mic for synth... :lol:

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    one and a half?
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    Have you considered buying a book about recording. For a small investment you can have hundreds of pages of knowledge, including what a tube mic is and how it works. There is an abundance of free information on the internet about microphones and recording.

    Asking if anyone has heard of a U47 (on a recording forum) is like asking if anyone has heard of someone named Elvis Presley. :shock:

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