Neve 1073 Clone Preamps

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    Apr 4, 2006
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    Started thinking about the various Neve 1073 inspired preamps out there and decided to start a list to compare. Now, I guess any transformer-based preamp is "inspired" by the 1073, but I just started a list of current production models available in the US that have some direct connection to the 1073. In the notes, "clone eq" means an eq that closely resembles the 1073.

    What am I missing? I know there are a lot of people out there who have these. Any comments?

    500 Series
    Portco 517 (comp no eq) $850.00
    Great River MP-500NV (pre only) $795.00
    Vintech 573 (pre only) $695.00
    BAE 1073 Vertical (clone eq) $2,650.00

    One Channel
    Portico 5032 (EQ) $1,795.00
    Portico 5033 (para eq) $1,725.00
    Great River ME-1NV (pre only) $1,150.00
    Vintech X73i (modernized eq) $1,375.00
    Vintech X73 (clone eq) $1,895.00
    BAE 1073 (clone eq) $3,035.00
    BAE 1073 (pre only) $1,100.00

    Two channel
    Portico 5012 $1,725.00
    Great River MP-2NV (pre only) $2,275.00
    Vintech 273 (2 shelf eq) $1,750.00
    BAE 1073 MP (pre only) $2,000.00

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