Neve 1073 For Vocals?

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by RobertPhilbeck, Aug 1, 2002.

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  1. Good? Bad? Do you know of something that you believe to be better? I'll be renting a pair here shortly so I'll be seeing for myself, but was just curious to hear of others experiances.

  2. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2001
    Let me put it this way...if you can't get a great sound with a 1073 on anything, there's something wrong.
    Have won't be dissapointed.
  3. Recorder man! Thanks for the response. Sometimes I don't know if my questions are to specific to get lots of attention, or if my questions are to annoying to warrant response:)
    I love these little Neves! Their pretty pricey for a pair of originals. Do you know of any manufactures who make a good clone?

  4. wiggy

    wiggy Guest


    If you can tpull good sound /tone fromt hese look for new vocation of hobby!

    just makesure that the caps int he Neve module that you buy or hire are good and not old and sludgy cos thye do happen to fry caps particularly fast... mind you they still sound tons better than most htings out there even with shot caps... just another testament to the sonic artisan ship of Rupert... RESPECT!

    Have fun.... cos tp poorly paraphrase american express... I never leave home without one of them or my Rach of SHEP SN8's which are near identical ripp offs which sound better than the realt hing IMHO....

  5. Thats good info. Thanks.

  6. Guest

    Robert, get a Great River MP-2NV and don't look back. This is without a doubt one of the finest Neve based (1073) mic pres on the market and for vocals it is perfect.

    I could go on and on and tell you how smooth it sounds etc. etc. but the bottom line is every engineer I know who has used it has put it in their list of top 3 mic pres.

    I guess the best I could say would be do a little research and you will find nothing but praise. The other point is I see a lot of trendy gear and peoples favorites come and go. But I guarantee you this is a piece that will stay in your rack no matter how much you upgrade the rest of your gear.

    Now here is my own personal experience...
    In my studio this is the first mic pre I patch in for Vocals, electric guitar, bass, horns and kick or toms. Its smooth and warm without being adding too much color. :)

    After getting an NV if you add a more transparent pre such as a Buzz MA2.2 a Millenna HV-3b or a Great River MP-2, there will be very few instruments or vocals you can't handle.

    Of course this assumes you at least a reasonable sounding mic in front. :D


    Remember my comments are based on the limited amount of information you posted. Knowing your what your mic locker looks like, the type of music you are recording and your recording system could effect any recommendation.
  7. Lee,
    Thanks. I found some info on the web. I suppose I can judge for myself upon hearing it how true it is to the original 1073 tone. I did notice they left the eq path out of it. Wonder why? My mic locker has a Tlm103, Sm58, and a pair of AT4051's. My recording sytem is an Otari 8 track 1/2 inch Tape recorder.
  8. Guest

    I don't want to speak for Dan so I will ask him next time I talk to him but my guess is to keep the cost down. Most of us are looking for great sound at a great value so the price of EQ would put the product in a completely different market.

    I like to record a lot of stuff in stereo so for my applications I prefer to have that extra channel for the same price I would pay for a single channel strip.

    Your mics will do a great job into the NV. The ability to change the input impedance is nice for getting the most out of a wide range of mics.

  9. Jon Atack

    Jon Atack Active Member

    May 29, 2001
    They are my first call mic pre for vocals, versus other pres around here like the SSL 9000 J pres, GML 8200, Millennia, Focusrite ISA 110 and Tubetech MP1A. Two other pres that I like on vocals are the Marstech MSS and the GT Vipre, but the 1073s are what I use most.

    Brent Averill Enterprises in Sherman Oaks (LA) is a great source. A pair of his 1272s sound great. If you want EQ, prestige and resale value to boot, go for his 1073s, 1064s, 1089s, 1099s...all great. Excellent after-sales service, too.

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