Neve 1084 Preamp Equivalent?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by BlackSoul, May 15, 2005.

  1. BlackSoul

    BlackSoul Guest

    I rented a pair of Neve 1084's this weekend, and am very impressed with the sound of the preamps. I left the EQ's off, with all buttons out. These preamps sound very balanced and full, and multiple tracks mix easily. Almost magical. Closer to sounding like an album than ever.

    Well, I've never used a Neve before, but now I would like to buy a pair of pres to get the sound these 1084's have, hopefully without laying out 5 or 6 grand.

    Anyway, any suggestions on what to buy are much appreciated.

    (do API's pres sound this good?)
  2. Marcus Black

    Marcus Black Guest

    The 1084 is the same preamp as either the 1073 or 1081 (can't remember which one, anybody..?), the difference is that the eq has different frequencies. You should find information easily searching the net, there are lots of sites with info on neve modules. The 1081 is a different design from the 1073 so i will stop here until I remember which preamp section is in the 1084. They all sound great however. There are many companies making new preamps using the same or slightly improved designs that will give you a sound like that without the overhyped price for an original vintage unit that might need extensive repair to perform as it's supposed to, beware... I have two 1073-clones from they're called CA73 and gets my highest recommendations. Hand-built, up to spec, original St. Ives transformers...all the goodies. Also check out Vintech, Brent Averill, Great River, Chandler and Daking. All makers of great 70's class-A-style preamps.

    The Api pres sound great aswell, they are not miles away from each other although slightly different sounding. If you liked the neves you will most likely like the Api's aswell.
  3. BlackSoul

    BlackSoul Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions, Marcus,

    I ended up buying a Neve Portico 5012.


    It's late, and I've only noodled around on my Yamaha acoustic through a pair of KM184's into the Portico then into a MOTU 2408MKII into DP.

    What can I say? The portico reproduces every little nuance with a very pleasant sense of clarity. I'll can't wait to try it on some other sources.
  4. flexo

    flexo Guest

    Man i Really am thinking of getting a couple of pairs of those.
    how do they compare to the older Neves ??
    They apear to be great value.....

    Are they of Neve Standard ??

    Are they Magical ??
  5. Marcus Black

    Marcus Black Guest

    Good to hear you found something that suits you. Happy recording.
  6. MistaG

    MistaG Guest

    I was going to get the Portico but to really come close to a 1084 you would also want a little Neve EQ. Once of the future models Rupert is working on will be a single preamp with and EQ section. That is a little closer to the mark in my mind.

    Wether it stands up to the sound of a 1084 only the future will tell.
  7. BlackSoul

    BlackSoul Guest

    I only played with the 1084's for a couple of days, and only a couple of hours with the Portico, but there is certainly some magic happening with the Portico. I think it is simply the result of an extremely well designed product in both the case of the 1084 and the 5012. Being a bit of a DIY buff, I'm really impressed with the quality of this thing, including the implementation of the power supply. This class A design appears to soak a good bit of current, and the 1.6A outboard transformer/PSU squirts it right in there, without the hum issues of having it in the chassis. Nice

    Are they of Neve Standard? Well, the little bit of guitar I recorded sounded more like my guitar in a more flattering way than I've ever heard it. I'm not an authority on Neve tone, unfortunately.

    Next is drums and electric guitar when I get the chance.


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