Neve 3415 line amps

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by heybluez, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. heybluez

    heybluez Guest


    Anyone have experience with these mic-pre's? Do they sound good?

  2. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Well they're not mic-pre's (though they can be set up to function as a mic pre... they were originally designed to be line amps in desks like 8068's and 8078's)... other than that, good is relative. The biggest factor is who sets them up... from what I've seen, Brent Averill does a pretty good job of it (and I've seen some other work by other folks that would have to be two steps better to be considered an abortion).

    As always... YMMV
  3. heybluez

    heybluez Guest

    Hi Fletcher,

    Thanks for the info..I did not know that :) I am looking for some relatively good pre amps for around 1500 or so. Looking for something like Neve, API or Trident.

    (I am not trying to start another pre amp thread though! :) )

  4. Michael,
    Check out the Great River MP-2NV at I've had mine for about a week now and so far it is nothing short of spectacular. Incredible head room on this unit too.

  5. stedel

    stedel Guest

    G'day Michael. Appreciate your above comment, I think you might like to take five minutes of your time and check out this Australian manufacturer. If you're interested in what you see (and from what you say I think you will be very interested), apart from anything else, have you noticed the exchange rate for the Australian twenty cent (er sorry) the Australian "dollar". They're pretty good at responding to emails if you have any queries.


    Kind regards

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