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Neve 542 series console

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Michael Jones, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know anything about this little board?
    It's touted as being a 12:2:1 console. (The 1 seems a little odd.)
    Specifically, do the channel inputs each have their own out as well?
  2. adam_w1

    adam_w1 Guest

    Nope - yo can only use the stereo bus and sends as outs on this baby. Not ideal..
  3. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Probably a broadcast board. Usually the broadcast models are designated "BCM". The 1 bus is most likely for mono am radio. Just a guess. Might be sweet for summing an 8 channel in /out DAW?! Fats
  4. DukeNukem

    DukeNukem Guest

    Check out this link for Phoenix Audio. http://www.phoenixaudio.net/neve.htm
    Near the bottom of the list of stories is a table that describes the configuration for each model that was made by Neve. The 542 that you mention is not listed but a 5402 is with a 12:2:1 layout. The 1 stands for the number of outputs according to the table. Some of the stories there are really interesting also but I know that you don't have much time for reading right now. You've got to get that studio done! :c:
  5. DukeNukem

    DukeNukem Guest

    P.S.: According to Neve Story #2 the 54 series WAS a broadcast console. It is also briefly mentioned in story #8. You could always email Geoff Tanner and ask him about the one you are looking at. It sounds like he's the man!
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