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    Hello all

    anyone have any opinions on the Neve 8801 channel strip? i have been saving my pennies for a pendulum quartet but this new neve strip has a "total recall" feature that has interested me. plus its got an a/d converter option. reviews have been rather scarce however.

    will be used mostly for male vocals with a k2 and sm7 mics


    happy new year
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    I've got one and I'm really happy with it. It's not nearly as coloured sounding as the Chandler strip I have or the older Neve stuff but still more coloured than my Martech MSS-10s. The EQ is wonderful and configurable to sidechain to the compressor which is very, very useful.

    I just used it with an SM-7 the other day for a narration VO and was floored with the sound we got. We started out with an M-149 into an MSS-10, but decided to shoot for something warmer and more intimate. We moved to trying an MD421 and the SM-7 and in the process tried a couple of other pres...In the end the SM-7 into the 8801 was the winning combo for the session.

    For the price, pre, compressor, eq and the configuration options I really think the 8801s are a good bargain.

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