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Discussion in 'Graphic / Parametric EQ (analog)' started by Innermusic, Feb 16, 2001.

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  1. Innermusic

    Innermusic Guest

    I'm thinking about upgrading my 1272 to a pair of 1066s. Can someone tell me if the sound of the pres are comparable? And what are the differences between the 1066, 1089, and 1099? Finally, is the EQ that much better than the EQs on my Audix 35102s, or the Speck ASC which everyone is raving about...

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  2. Innermusic

    Innermusic Guest

    One more thing. The 33122A modules are about half the price of the others mentioned. How do they compare?
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Originally posted by Innermusic:
    One more thing. The 33122A modules are about half the price of the others mentioned. How do they compare?

    Apples and oranges. The 33122a is a broadcast series module with an outboard output transformer (they used to sit in the belly of the desk).

    I did an article about 5 years ago for MIX, it was sort of an overview of 'old $*^t'...fortunately, the stuff hasn't really changed a whole lot, so the article is still kinda relevant. About 1/2 way through the article is a cursory 'Neve dictionary'. Though far from complete, it should cover many of your areas of concern.
    [url="(dead link removed)[/url]
  4. reap

    reap Guest

    The Eq's on the 1089 are selectable (w/cut/boost)and are of the inductor type.They sound really musical...hence the 3k+ price they sound sweet...yes, are they warm (an adjective w/many meanings) YES! Buy the 1073's or 1089' wont be dissapointed...promise :>

  5. Fletcher, you mention in your FYI on your article about vintage amps:

    From MIX magazine November 96....

    Western Electric preamps were used on all those classic Motown vocals. They have that absolutely wonderful buzz/distortion in the treble ranges that made you fall head over heels in love with Martha, Diana, Marvin, etc. They have a presence and authority that is unrivaled. If you're as bored with modern rock 'n' roll radio as I am, turn on the oldies station. Within an hour, you'll start to notice the different distortions on the vocal tracks. The vocals that make you sit up in your seat, and draw you into the track are most likely WEs. FYI, I've since learned this is wrong, sorry

    can you elaborate on this? :rolleyes:
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    It was explained to me by some guys that used to work at 'Hitsville' that they weren't using WE mic-amps. I don't recall what the hell it was that they were using, I just remember that it wasn't 'WE's.

    The rest of it stays valid, only the brand names have changed :D

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