Neve Melbourn w/3119 Should I?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by idolsound, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. idolsound

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    I found a Melbourn 24*4*2 discrete with 3119eq's and 2 send for $30,000. Again, i've got the PT3 rig and a VOxBox and that's it. The question is, would I be stupid to get the neve over the mini Sony console and a decent mic collection? I do not run a public studio so clients aren't the issue. I do some TV music and write/record for my band. So when I do TV stuff it is all PT and I wouldn't use the NEVE. The neve is for personal enjoyment and making my demos sound more like records. Plus I need that console and fader feeling back. Does the neve rage only apply to the vintage boards and at what point do the boards change from great to good?
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    Feb 10, 2001
    Great question, I lust after a BCM10 sidecar desk I belive it is 10 x 1073's into 2, now THAT can't be sniffed at....Hopefully someone here will have some idea just how cool the model is you have available to you..

  3. future/now.

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    yeah does anyone know of a site for broadcast NEVE stuff? a friend of mine is 'giving' me a broadcast/post mixer from the post film house he works at. i went to check it out. while its not great class A 'classic' stuff, it would be cool to have around. 8 channels/ 2 sends/ very basic EQ (two mid bands/HP filter)/ phase rev/ 2 VUs. no direct outs. its blue/grey. assuming from the 80s. while everyone salivates over 1073s, what about this other stuff? surely it worth saving from the trash? anyone know more?
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    Hi there!

    The melbourne is cool for tracking and some basic mixing... and would serve u very well for what u want to do.

    Personally if you wanted a neve i would go for a baby V and get far more value and processing power and patchbay. The Melbourne is very limied in its facilties. It is basically a Preamp with simple high and low EQ... they are fixed frequencies from memory and are kool but in no way 1073's!!!!.

    A baby V would mean that you could have a desk that has dynamics (compressor/gates) on eahc channela nd a ncie and sweet EQ section. The baby V's have stax of headroom and really work well with Alishad rigs.. besides if you were going to outlay that sort of $$ for a melbourne...a 24 V is usually around $20K so u can spend it on ya girlfriend/wife.... or more likely option..... outboard!!!!! hehehehe

    I know what i would buy!!!
  5. Wiggy and Future, you're talking about a Kelso. They sound quite nice and are way more affordable than a Melbourne or Baby V. A friend of mine have one that he had cleaned, recapped and fitted with transformered direct outs. All this for around 5k$-6k$! I agree it's of somewhat limited use for mixing (feature wise) but the tone is quite there. ( I used to run 02R mixes thru this board just to give them a semblance of class/texture!)

    On the other hand, a Melbourne in good shape is a great board. It's a 12x4 broadcast mixer usually fitted with 33114's or similar modules and 3415 line amps. Some have patchbays. It is arguably more flexible than a BCM10 for mixing and a bit more clean/open sounding. All in all, (with some 1073's in a rack on the side) maybe the best compromise as a DAW tracking/summing station...

    I know I could use one!
    :D :w:
  6. Gold

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    Mar 27, 2002
  7. stedel

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    Yeah, I'd like to know a bit more, and whether anybody knows of such a site. For instance here in Australia, at the moment there's this for sale:
    Neve custom b/cast console/X10 33116 modules/x8 stereo ret/x12 mono strips

    These people (Mixmasters/Aust) often have some great stuff going through their shop. They have POA
    on the listing, so it would be good to know what sort of price is OK, and whether or not it's worth
    "tracking down" - (sorry it's obviously genetic).

    Kind regards

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