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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by JamesG, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. JamesG

    JamesG Guest

    ok so what would you recommend for an firewire audio interface lets say for a grand or under for use with logic pro 7.2 and a mac pro? converters are important, 8 I/O would be nice, I was looking at the MOTU 896 and the mackie 400 which one has better converters? has anyone heard the saffire pro yet? any other suggestions?
  2. corrupted

    corrupted Guest

    I would say the Mackie, but I have one (not the 400f, but an Onyx1640... same idea).

    I think you'll like the preamp sound for starters... very clean and smooth.

    So, although I don't have the exact product, I'll tell you that I'm very happy with their firewire system and it's been spectacular so far.
  3. ryanwalters

    ryanwalters Guest


    I just got the RME fireface 800 for $1165. If you can squeeze out $165. That would be a great choice in my opinion.
  4. JamesG

    JamesG Guest

    haha, I did just that and ordered a fireface 800 2 days ago, thanks

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