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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Schnorts, Jul 7, 2003.

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    Hi, my name is Kyle (aka Schnorts) and I'm new to the forums. Had a question about starting a DAW setup since I recently acquired an MPC2000XL. My main focus is going to be on making hip-hop instrumentals (lots of vinyl sampling, etc.) I've come to the point where I have some money and don't know whether to go with a PC DAW setup since I already have an extra Epox 8RGA+ motherboard, some RAM, and other PC components or whether I should buy a G3 or G4 Mac to use for audio production. The long term goal is for a Power Tools setup and I've heard Macs are great for audio. Any advice?

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    You might want to consider a firewire based DAW like DigiDesign 002 (if you don't need the power of a TDM system). I say this because firewire makes it cross-platform meaning that it will work on macs or pc's ( without having to dig into the machines and change PCI cards ). Also, I have seen people doing serious stuff on Apple Powerbook G4 notebooks with firewire to an 002 and an external firewire drive. The powerbook is the way to go for versitility and portability.

    However, I am less than thrilled with the sound of the 002 when I have to use its onboard AD/DA's... If the project stays digital it has been transparent, but god, the lower end Digidesign AD/DA's have a knack for flattening once three dimensional sounds. Consider dedicated AD/DA's from Apogee or someone!

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