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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by tofumusic, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Greetings! I'm trying to figure out what would be the best setup for the following gear. . There's probably several different ways one could go about doing this, and I've started but have a few questions.. I'm kind of new to all of this but recently had the opportunity to design a small studio for a non-profit. If anyone could help with a diagram or some advice I'd really appreciate it.. In the mean time, I'll be reading all these manuals.

    Here's a list of everything:

    Digi 002 rack
    Command 8
    Music PC
    MPC 1000
    Fantom Rack
    Motif Rack
    Motu midi time piece
    Avalon mic pre (vt737)
    two 48 point patchbays
    Triton studio
    Mackie monitors
    2 mics
    1 pod
    ....Lol so I have a few questions

    1. Should 1 patch bay (probably more like half of one patchbay) be used for anything with an out, and the other for anything with an in, and all the signals just be routed accordingly?

    2. How can this be hooked up so that the Triton, synth racks and motu talk to each other, and have the ability to be controlled from the MPC, and then be tracked out from MPC to Pro Tools.

    3. Do pods typically go directly to 002 or to the patchbay?

    4. Finally, the 002 rack doesn't appear to have a standalone mode (or at least, it's not as visible as the regular 002), do how can I listen to the triton/racks and do sampling with the MPC without having to fire up the PC and Pro Tools every time?
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    Nov 25, 2005
    Nice setup. :cool:
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    Not so nice when it's not working properly :( But luckily I have until Tuesday to have it fully working.
  4. tofumusic

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    ...So! I've got MOST of it hooked up (including the patch bays), all except MIDI. Can someone advise me on this? What I'm trying to do is have the mpc1000, triton studio, motif rack, fantom rack and motu mtp work together and track into the mpc. I'm not sure where to start with this or which way is correct.
    Also, what to do as far as the setup on each device, which to make a slave, etc.. I'm guessing the Triton would be setup as master, or would that be the mpc?? Still reading the manuals... Any help appreciated.
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    Nov 25, 2005
    MIDI cable has a theoretical maximum of 15m (almost 50 feet) but I've found that "in practice" 20 feet is the most you want to go for anything which you wish to be "low latency" in real time such as a keyboard triggering a VSTi, EWI, MIDI guitar rig, etc. But 50 feet works fine for stuff where you have a little leeway with latency such as a control surface, the MIDI I/O on a POD, etc. Something to keep in mind anyhow. :cool:

    There's also a whole whack of wireless solutions out. I tried one once that a keyboard player had in his stage rig and I was fairly impressed, it seemed to be surprisingly low latency. In that case though he was using it to drive a hardware sound module, not a VSTi. Anyhoo 2 cents.
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    lol.. I came across this post I started.. It's funny because I just did it (like nike, lol) and it was easier than I thought. Just took some time to sit down and logically think it all out. Thanks everyone for the input also, it was very helpfull.

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