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    hi guitar fans,

    have you made any experience with the tc-thirty plugin from tc-electronic ?

    As a result of my research & development " simulation of the VOX AC30 as a VST plugin", the plugin tc-thirty is now available at tc-electronic :
    have a look at :

    The plugin runs only in combination with Powercore PCI or Firewire.

    Its the first plugin, that simulates the Vox Ac30 100% , so that you can hear no difference to a real Vox AC30 TB ( build 1961) , recorded with microphones.

    For the sound orientation we looked at the sound of Brian May :
    here is the tray
    This sound you can achieve with the tc-thirty plugin.

    Also you can have a little fun, and listen on our university webside :

    Please consider :
    1) I didn't played the solo as good as the Maestro
    2) My guitar is a copy of Brian's guitar, but they sound a bit different
    3) You might hear a litle ambiance within Brians original sound. Thats not with the TC-Thirty. That would have to be added.

    And finally, please bear in mind this principle:
    Never can a guitar played via a real valveamp and miked and played back on studio loudspeakers, nor a guitar played via computer-plugin and played back on studio loudspeakers, sound like a guitar played on a real valveamp directly blasting in front of you.

    Playback systems will always colour and falsen the sound compared to the real world, that is so.
    Researchers and developers have been working and will work on that problem since ever.

    Thats not the point.

    So if we compare real valveamps ( miked ) against ampmodeler plugins, we have to compare them via exactly the same playback chain :

    MP3-> D/A -> PA -> studio-loudspeaker

    If you have technical questions or doubts, please ask

    regards to all,
    Stephan Moeller
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