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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ONEiLL, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, I just joined the forum today in hopes of getting as much help and advice as possible about home recording in general. I'm going throw a lot of random questions out there because I have no idea of what i'm talking about so please bare with me!
    To narrow things down a bit I have a fairly new iMac, a drum set with some shure mics that I want to put to use. I've read a lot about equipment and have a good idea of what I need, but still need a lot help. I'm not looking for the best stuff but also not the worst! I'm willing to lay down some extra dough if it gets me some better sound or possibly more flexibility.
    What I would like to have is possibly an akai mpd, a keyboard, and my drums hooked up to my computer so I can make some music. I want to sampling, beats, intrumental type stuff.... so I know I need an audio interface to connect these things to my computer and I've looked at a lot of audio interfaces. I've read that MOTU's are pretty well liked by mac users. What would some of you guys recommend? Do I need a mixer to connect my drum mics to an interface, or can I just connect it directly using xlr-stereo cables? Does anyone have any experience with this? What are some pretty good mic cable brands out there?
    I like drum pads, and It seems that those midi controllers from Akai are pretty solid what are some other brands you guys have tried? I also want a keyboard controller but also have no clue of what to really get. Ive seen that a lot of companies offer midi controllers with drum pads on them like the mpks or I believe edirol and korg have them too. What do you guys think about these keyboards? I don't have a preference really with the keyboards because I'm not a very skilled player. I know basic chords and some scales which I want to build on but I really have no preferance. I want the controller to make it easier to produce things that come to mind... hope that helps... err um which brings me to another question... Would you guys recommend one of those little 25 keyboards or something I could play with two hands if need be? Are the smaller keyboards enough to lay out some good melodies or are they something people tend to grow out of quickly due to creativity constraints? Lastly, I have questions on peoples experiences with computer software. Reason? Acid? Logic? etc. Could someone possibly school me on what programs you think would be good for the tools I want to use? Am I way in over my head? I need help! I would be extremely thankful for anyone out there that would help with my questions. I'm open to everything you guys have to say, school me! Please! Thanks -O
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    go here for answers to yuour questions.

    good luck
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    Thanks man! This definitely looks like a good place to start.

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