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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Dwrek, Feb 28, 2009.

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    Alrighty, i'm about to get about 700 bucks to make a small home studio, and i know i'm getting an Mbox mini. and i'm just going to get the cheap studio package, its 400 bucks and has protools, some decent monitors, an average to shitty condenser mic, and i need to get a midi controller. But this i basically need a shopping list for setting up the best home studio i can with as little money as i can. I already have an isolation booth for vocals, and another isolation box for guitar amps, and i'm going to do all the drums digitally on the computer. I have about 5 years experience with logic and protools LE, but i'm just a lot more involved in mixing and mastering than i am setting up a studio. So... i'd just like some insight on what i should buy with my 700
  2. I'm wishing I had 700 to invest in my studio. :)
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    You didn't ask a question. So I'll just assume you'd like an opinion about what you said.
    There is also little information on what you are actually getting with the package so not much can be said about e.g. your monitoring or your choice of microphone.

    You obviously closed a few doors shut with the studio package. Why not skip that and make a real choice? If you insist on the mBox mini and PTLE, buy a better microphone instead of an "average to shitty condenser". Why not a good dynamic: SM58/57 instead?

    I cannot help you with the midi controller. I suppose it has to support the Mackie HUI in order to control PTLE.

    If you know your way around monitors you should be able to make a good choice for little money.

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