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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Davedog, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I always like to pass along information on new stuff I get to hear at my local Professional Audio Store that I think will aid and abet those who frequent these pages. Today its a recommendation for monitors.

    Recently I've gotten a chance to listen to, fairly completely, all my recent album mixes on the store's monitor selections. I like doing this for a couple of reasons. One: I get to share mixes with my friends whos' ears I trust and who record with me frequently in my room....and Two: They have a bunch of different systems hooked up and waiting for some idiot like me to put them through a test. So, I get to hear my mixes in an awful lot of different lights.

    They have a new line. RCF. Yeah google them...they've been around for a long while. Their rep left them with a sub-woofer only at this time so its all I can report on but its really worthwhile doing so. The store has this woofer, model Ayra Sub Ten hooked up to a pair of the little active Tannoys, I think these are the Reveal 501's, not expensive, but the more I hear them the more I think these are pretty good starter monitors.......Anyway, with this low cost sub which has a ten and 250 watts this system starts to sound very full-range and where a lot of subs are very non-directive, which messes with the focus of the low-end while mixing, this thin is more like your subs in a PA system. Placement will be integral to getting it to sit right in your room but in getting it right you would be looking at a very nice under $1K monitoring system.

    Its not the Genelecs I use nor is it near the price.

    Check em out if you're in the market for a decent system for the money. If I get paid for my last record I'm thinking of adding a system like this to the living room.
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