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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by abmac, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. abmac

    abmac Guest

    Well my piece of crap Tascam US-122 just got fried somehow. I need something a little better. If anyone has any suggestions on interfaces below $400 and better than that US-122 let me know.

    I use Sonar 4 on a laptop if it matters.
  2. Squelch

    Squelch Guest

    I hear ya man, that interface blows! The only way to go is pro tools. Just get an mbox with Pro Tools LE. I'd recommend spending the extra 50 bucks and getting the factory bundle. Otherwise you can just get the mbox with the basic plugins for $350.
    check it out
  3. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    Tascam US224

    I was puzzled to see a product from Tascam in the same price range and every other apparent aspect is seemingly curiously similar... I am very pleased with my service still from my US 224 after years I am still finding new uses for its many feature namely midi trigger switches 27 or so of them.. enough, anyway
    and with midi interface audio interface both formats plus midi ins & outs.. Plus I feel more additional uses still await my discovery of other features yet un used... but I am as well pleased with it as my Aardvark which I paid 500 bux for against the 300 I paid for the Tascam now available for 2/3 that amount but I am not bitter i had to have the 224 as soon as i found it was existent... I had researched and studied interfaces for months prior to my purchase.. I am very impressed with my Direct Pro Aardvark's amazing low latency with vst's but in all other areas the Tascam is equal or better, as far as I can tell...
    I am currently looking at the behemoth audio machine i built but with an unreliable cooling solution which looked very cool... but only works for about 1000 hours and then kaput time for a replacement pump from Evercool.... NO MORE FOR ME
    I will replace evercool with Zalman and forget the sad things about my new rig being silent for 23 of the first 25 months of its new life.. and realize there are always sunny views of every image

    for a usb rig, tascam assumed the role of seller of a quality product with this line..IMHO I never had a moments problem with mine..
    and , saddened by the cessation of the Tascam forum, I was happy to find this one and now another tascam forum has been formed as well for those interested.. I have seldom need for it but I noticed this to be the case..
  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Another Tascam forum has arised? :shock:

    If your tascam fried it most likey could be power supply related and can be fixed. In what way did it decide to malfunction on you?

    Tascam products aren't that bad...I had a US 428 for the longest time and loved it! Not only did it have audio, but MIDI and was able to control the faders within Cubase, Nuendo or Pro Tools! I was even a beta tester at one point for that product!

    Squelch..Pro Tools is NOT the only way to go these days...there's plenty of choices to make other than being thrown into the digidesign realm of no return.

    Tascam still has some nice interfaces and I"m sure you could find a used on online somewhere!

    Opus :D

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