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Discussion in 'Drums' started by Davedog, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Hi kids. Uncle Dogg simply checking in and wanted you all to know whats up at Drool'n Dogg Productions these days. Finished, in January, all the tracking of a Blues record I'm producing, with the keys going on at the 'new' studio. The Clubhouse Studio is no more. The Drool'n Dogg Ranch takes its place. Some parts better, others not. Ya get what ya get.

    The mixing was done at my friends place here in Portland. SuperDigital's Green Studio. All mixing done with owner Rick McMillan and myself as Producer........MISTER Producer to some of you...(you know who you are)...on Supers' PT HD3 rig with the D-command surface and lots and lots of plug-ins and DSP.I tried not to slick a Blues record out too much so I stuck with the 'classic' plugs, like the Jack Joseph Puig stuff, the Eddie Kramer stuff and of course some of the SSL channels. Since the record was tracked analog, this makes everything nice and warm with the ability to 'clean up' anything noisy. I think it sounds great. (I got rid of the 1.2k Max!!) If you havent tried the Jack Joseph stuff yet, the emulations are really quite good. Pultec and Fairchild Baby!!! WOOHOO!!

    This week is the listen and tweak week with mastering set for mid Feb. Release looks like sometime in early spring. I'll have the website up and running by then so you can look in and hear and see what its all about.

    The band is Franco and the Stingers. Theres traditional Memphis, New Orleans, and Chicago Blues roots, with a dose of Country and PsychoBilly thrown in for color. The band is slammin live and the songs are strong examples of Blues songcraft throughout. A couple of phenomenal studio keyboardists helped these songs reach an even deeper traditional place with some honky-tonk and barrel-roll pianos and that old-timey Hammond sound and the "Brown Swirly" (thanks Max). A seriously funky rhythm section, a maniac guitarist, and soulful harmoinca back the big voice and deep tones of Franco moaning on about lost and found love and two-timing double dealing hearts. It is the Blues.

    Even if the Blues isnt your thing, you'll be tapping this stuff out on the desk as it rolls through yer head on the iPod. Theres not a traditional slow number though there are shades of color on every song. Moods swing and so does the music.

    Thanks for yer time. I'll post again when we ship as well as when you can listen to a stream or two on the net.

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