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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by mbradley, Mar 6, 2002.

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  1. mbradley

    mbradley Guest

    I've got an unexpected couple hundred bucks to spend on a new piece of gear. I can't decide--JoeMeek MC3Q (mic pre, compressor, eq) or Midiman audiophile 24/96 (soundcard).

    Here's what I've already got:

    Behringer 1604A mixer
    31 band graphic eq
    decent stereo Limiter
    good quality stereo compressor
    Old reel to reel with one working all tube channel (using for a mic pre--no phantom power but sounds pretty good)
    ART Tube MP (not too impressed with it)
    Soundblaster Live! Value
    a few decent mics (incl mxl v67m)

    This is a "use it or lose it" windfall so I gotta buy something now--I can't save the money towards something better later (if i could do that I'd be halfway to a Hoontech C-port)
  2. Randy Yell

    Randy Yell Guest

    You say you already have a decent compressor and limiter and you do have a few options for mic pres (although I have and hate the Tube MP)so the Audiophile sounds like a good choice for now.I picked one up a couple weeks ago and it is a very noticable difference from the Soundblaster Live.I actually thought the Soundblaster sounded pretty decent but the Audiophile is a marked improvement (although now I'm recording in 24bit,I haven't compared the 16bit).

    BTW,if you want to check out a very quiet clean preamp,check out the Audio Buddy from M-Audio.Two channel solid state mic pre that sells for $80.The phantom power it produces only measures 41v but I haven't heard of anyone having an issue powering their mics (including the V67 or any other mic)but if you have a mic that is real finicky it would be best to find out if anyone is using that mic with the Audio Buddy.I have a AT 3525 and a Mxl 2001p (which I HATE) and I haven't had any power issues.The Buddy is dead quiet with plenty of gain.
  3. JM350

    JM350 Guest

    :w: Hi Randy, glad to hear you finally managed to ditch the Soundblaster, life must be good recordingwise. I followed you over from Homerecording, it's pretty dead around here in comparison in spite of some of the moderators.
  4. kent powell

    kent powell Active Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Ditch gamer soundcard; enter the world of digital audio, furreal. Join us!
  5. mbradley

    mbradley Guest

    Thanks for the replies. Think I'll end up with the sound card.
  6. Randy Yell

    Randy Yell Guest

    Hey JM!Yup I finaly ditched the soundblaster.So far no troubles at all with the new card.I don't have too much computer experience but the Audiophile went in smooth as butter.I kick myself to think that for the money I spent (wasted) on the Soundblaster and the optical card I could have just about bought the Audiophile.Oh well,live and learn. :D
  7. JM350

    JM350 Guest

    Yes unfortunately lots of people just like you did think they can improve the quality of their recordings by using digital inputs on the Soundblaster.

    The digital inputs are not really any better than the awful analog ones as you obviously found out the hard way. Sometimes in learning you have to make the mistakes yourself but it is nice however when you can manage to avoid them.
  8. White Rose

    White Rose Guest

    M. Bradley

    So you are using an old reel to reel as a pre? I have an Otari MX5050 4 track. Would I be able to use that? I still have much to learn, but from my understanding, that would depend on if its tube or not, is that correct?
  9. JM350

    JM350 Guest

    Tube or transistor makes no difference, some recorders had micpreamps built in others were line input only. I don't think any Otari had micpreamps but the old Teac/Tascam reel to reels would take a high impedance mic or a low impedance one if you used a transformer/adapter.
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