New mixer won't record in stereo.

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by Dadarkilo, Mar 22, 2008.

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    I'm a new user. This appears to be a fairly technical forum so I donno if you take questions from people just doing simple home recording on their computer and whatnot but can't hurt to ask.

    I just bought a soundcraft compact4 mixer. The previous mixer I was using was a eurorack mx 602a by behringer. that mixer had two line inputs per channel i.e. stereo. This has 1 (which I didn't notice when I bought it) and I'm not sure why. I have an audiophile 2496 digital recording sound card. it has stereo 8th inch inputs. But it was making buzzing noises so thats why I got this new one. But with this one, sure enough, when recording into ableton live, signal only shows up on one channel. And when I play it back it's only coming out of one speaker. Why doesn't this mixer have stereo inputs and am I supposed to somehow rout it diefferently to get the line signal to go in/come out stereo?

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    Mar 3, 2006
    just use 2 channels on the mixer... one for L, one for R.

    the "stereo inputs" on your older mixer are essentially doing that, but they have one fader to control both inputs.

    although i'm not familiar with Ableton or your Audiophile sound card. but all else being equal, that should be it.
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    Seems like it should be easy.
    Audiophile L/R RCA Out to mixer RCA "Playback In".
    Mixer RCA "Record Out" to Audiophile L/R RCA In.
    Should be able to do it with plain old RCA cables?

    At least from what I saw in the manuals. :wink:

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    That's the bulk of what we do.

    (Dead Link Removed)

    The COMPACT 4 is equipped with 2 mic inputs with mic preamps and phantom power plus line inputs and a DI input for instruments plus stereo inputs for keyboards, CD/tape, or turntables (with RIAA equalization).

    Easy as pie, and already stated by the Kapt. and Rockstar above:

    Plug into channel one, pan it left - same with channel two, pan it right (depending on your source, you can also use the stereo RCA inputs on the stereo tracks if you are so inclined).

    Most importantly:
    Make sure your software is set up to record the mixer's left output onto one track and the right output onto another track.

    Welcome to RO.
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    ha solved it

    turned out I forgot to plug one of the rca jacks coming from the mixer into my sound card, hehehe. Thanks for replies anyway.

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