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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by oakman, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Hi. I wonder if I could ask for opinions...

    I need a new console for my home studio. It's not a project studio. It works full time. It just happens to be located at home.

    I use Pro Tools and Logic Pro 7, have two Digi 002 racks and loads of outboard gear, both expensive and cheap. I am now using a Carvin S/L 40, 40 channel 8-bus console. It has done a surprisingly good job for the price, and has lasted through 3 years of extreme abuse. However, It is about shot... I push some of the faders up and down hundreds, maybe thousands of times a day and have a heavy hand. I have replace 6 faders already and more are turning to the dark side. Since I have to buy a new desk, I figure I might as well upgrade.

    I want a digital work surface, but need so many analog inputs that the price is prohibitive. I found two used Yamaha 02Rs in cabinetry with patch bay for $5000, but they were only 48k. No good to me. Try to get 40 inputs on a digital console for 5 or 6 grand! No can do. I am considering another analog console. I do all automation, etc. in Pro Tools or Logic anyway.

    I must have 6 sends per channel, want sweep-able EQ, at least 100mm fader throw, 8 buses (16 would be better) and meters for the buses and mains.

    I am looking at a 32 channel Soundcraft Ghost. The Series 2 looks cooler and has a couple features on the master section that I like, but the rep says the Ghost has better sounding preamps and EQ section. Better signal-to-noise too. Plus, you can order expanders chassis with more channels.

    What are your opinions? I must do this in a week or so.
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    Mar 24, 2005
    Mackie has the new Onyx mixers in big-board format now.

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