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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by DVM33, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    hey everyone.
    I'm looking to replace my studio monitors in my home studio. i might still use them as an extra source of monitoring but as of late they're getting on my nerves.
    right now i own passive 20/20's... i was thinking about putting them in my bedroom and getting a decent set of active monitor.
    for a little background. i produce and engineer R&B along with hiphop and i'm not a newbie. i usually mix on genelec 8050A's but they're 1800 each. i wanna work with a budget of $1000.. or $1200max(if 1200 i'd probably go with Event ASP8's)
    i've been looking at:
    Krk V8's
    Yamaha HS80m
    Dynaudio BM 5A
    Event ASP8
    mackie hr824
    i've never been fond of the mackies but then again i've never had a chance to use them in a good control room.
    if you all can help me find a new set of monitors i'd really appreciate it.
    i'll also be buying a mini dac or dac-1 also.
    i currently use a 002R with a soundscape/apogee 896 I/O converter
  2. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    I love the Dynaudio's. The KRK's are good too. I think the Mackie's sound like $*^t.

    Don't rule out the ASP8's though, I've only listened to them once, and I liked them. They've got the low end you probably want.

    My .02
  3. mud5150

    mud5150 Guest

    i would agree with the mackies sound like $*^t. I recently recorded at a small studio that has the 828 or 824 whatever the 8 inch active mdl is and it may have been his room, but I can say I couldn't hear a damn thing. I heard more through the $50 headphones.
  4. LexFactory

    LexFactory Guest

    Personally I highly disagree with these previous posts. The KRK's sound absolutely awful - they have terribly weak low end, are overwhelmingly sibilant, and result in really dark mixes.

    The Mackie HR824's are actually excellent for the money. I've done a few double-blind listening tests at Harman International and rated the HR824's very close to the JBL 6328P's. They've really got a good sound to them, very flat and even with solid and accurate low-end extension.

    That's my opinion on the matter.
  5. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    i want all opinions.
    i've personally heard(never mixed on) the krk v8 series 2's and i liked them. they had a nice mid range and the highs at times did seem a little bright but i didnt know if it was the room or not.
    they are rather weak in the lowend but better than the passive 20/20's

    to tell the truth, the cheap krk RP8's sound just like the V8's but with a less lowend and overall volume.

    i personally want 8inch monitors but know the quality of the dynaudio. i don't have to have extra low freq outta my nearfields b/c i do have sub.

    the mackies to me were brittle but like i said a room can make a big difference. the mix traslated well though
  6. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    This thread is going to end up like every ever monitor thread.

    You need to listen to them and get the ones that sound best to you.

    The physical build quality of all these monitors is great.
  7. DVM33

    DVM33 Guest

    my main issue is i'm not gonna have a chance to model each set of monitors right now. i'd love to be able to model the monitors in my mixing area but that probably won't happen. i'm really gonna have to go off past use and reviews. i like the asp8's but imo they sound to good vs being accurate. of the monitors listed i think the mackies and krk would traslate the best mix for me...
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